As if Speaking in Public wasn't hard enough...
Today's audiences expect you to
make them laugh.

Now, You Can.


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If you've ever wondered how to add humor to a speech,
this book is for you! Eleven professional speakers
Share Their Secrets with you, and
Presentation Expert Rich Hopkins
walks you through how you can
duplicate their techniques in
your next speech - method by method.



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Featuring an Interview with 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking
Darren LaCroix!

Darren LaCroix gives you an inside look at using humor on the professional stage, drawing from
his background as a Stand-Up Comedian, Champion Toastmaster, and Keynote Speaker.

Our Authors include:

                       Terry Canfield        Palmo Carpino            Russ Dantu                Mike Davis              

                                    Kay Fittes          Susan Lamb-Robinson         Sarfaraz Nazir 

                       Carrie Warren            Dan Weedin         Charlie Wilson         Douglas Wilson

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Don't Miss These Gut-Busting Speeches:

Russ Dantu "The Big V"
Terry Canfield
"Rules to Live by Before Calling 911"
Kay Fittes "Beware of Ladies' Night Out"
Palmo Carpino "Who's Gonna Know"
Charlie Wilson
"Getting the Message"
Michael Davis "Question Man"
Susan Lamb "KIDS"
Sarfaraz Nazir "The River of No Return"
Dan Weedin "Stop!"
Douglas Wilson "Hey, Watch This!"
Carrie Warren "Laughing in Everyday Life"

Expert Presentation Coach Rich Hopkins
breaks down each speech, putting each humor technique
under the microscope for all to see.
Now you can use the pro's secrets to humor
in your very next speech!

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Humor techniques revealed in
Go Ahead and Laugh:

A Serious Guide to Speaking with Humor include:

Stage Persona, Position Switch, Catchy Cultural Phrases,
Callbacks, Props, Physical Humor,
Using Self as Punchline, Dialog as Storyteller, Voice of the Audience,
Silly Singing, Innuendos, Alphabet Soup,
Sound Effects, Rule of Three, and that's just the beginning!

Are you a Toastmaster?

If you are a speaking searching for techniques on storytelling, audience connection, humor - you'll find abundant examples throughout
Go Ahead and Laugh will not just teach you to be funny,
it will inspire you to success.

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